Preferred Supplier Agreements

Numerous organisations use our services on an exclusive basis and are delighted with the services they receive. In customer satisfaction surveys, over 80% rate our services as good to excellent.

Those recruiters who place vacancies with several agencies invariably do not get the best results. The most common complaints we hear about our competitors are:-

Loads of CVs and often the same CVs from different agencies, for me to sort out.

None of the candidates well matched to my specifications.

The candidates I took time to select were then not available (they never were- agency had not spoken to them before sending their CV).

Does this sound familiar? Eradicating problems like above, you can ensure efficient recruitment processes and carefully selected, candidate choice by entering into a Recruitment Partnership preferred supplier agreement with CY Executive Resourcing. Put simply, by committing to us we commit more time, expertise and resources to you and your vacancy under the CY Priority Service package, which includes many additional features, fee discounts and free to you benefits, such as advertising or psychometric testing – just contact us for further details of the wide range of benefits available.

Multiple Vacancies

With ever increasing pressures to deliver and serious consequences for those that don’t, having the right team in place is vital. Restructuring, multiple vacancies, or high interim usage would benefit from an overall talent acquisition strategy. CY has the required expertise to devise unique strategies that will build the teams you aspire and we will work hard and smart to deliver them.  Time and again the CY approach has succeeded, even where others have previously failed to appoint.

Case Study:

Achieving Reorganisation

By TW, Director of Finance 

"I engaged CY Executive Resourcing Ltd to deliver a comprehensive search and selection process for six senior manager vacancies. My requirement was to recruit only the best and I believe that has been delivered without compromise across all six of the posts. This has been evidenced very clearly for those candidates now in post and who have each established in short order their credibility and calibre with both clinical and managerial colleagues. The six posts were a combination of Assistant Director and Senior Manager roles in a new & innovative structure.  

I set a challenging timetable and was demanding as regards the calibre of process. This was delivered within the agreed timeframe and with a relevant choice of experienced candidates for each role. Long listed candidates had been interviewed and objectively assessed by my CY Recruitment Manager, enabling effective selection for the shortlists.

I am clear that CY and I worked well, they understood our requirements in detail and used their knowledge of the market to identify the best candidates who could meet the challenges of the role, as well as offering alternative solutions to give more variety when deciding the final shortlist.

My CY Recruitment Manager was a very helpful addition to our final interview panel, providing valuable support and advice.

From start to finish, this has been a job very well done and done in a very good way - professional, candid, objective and absolutely retained my confidence throughout.  CY have done us proud".