Brexit latest - How will it affect migration and the UK labour market?

  • June 29, 2017

On 29 March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50(2) of the Lisbon Treaty of the EU, giving the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal from the EU unless an extension is granted by its remaining 27 members.

The REC has listened to members concerns and have created this hub in order to keep our members informed of the latest Brexit news and developments.

EU nationals and UK regionsOne of the main worries of our membership is the future of the immigration system in the UK. The REC has commissioned a series of reports that examine options for post-Brexit immigration policy, which we will share with government and members in the coming months. You can see our current recommendations below:

REC recommendations to government on a post-Brexit immigration system

  1. Agree a sensible settlement for those EU nationals already working in the UK (and, in turn, UK nationals based in other EU states)
  2. To help ensure clarity, a transitional immigration system should be introduced
  3. Focus on speed, cost and predictability (the hallmarks of a good immigration system) in designing the new system
  4. We need an immigration policy that recognises and supports low-, medium- and high-skilled jobs in the UK
  5. With record levels of employment, a new immigration system must take into account the need for the UK to retain its flexible labour market
  6. he future immigration system must be evidence-led and free from day-to-day political pressure

We will continue to build our case in Westminster and beyond for a future EU/UK relationship that supports Britain’s flexible labour market and skills needs. Government is expected to introduce a Great Repeal Bill that will transpose relevant EU legislation into UK law on the day the UK leaves the EU. All regulations derived from the EU continue to apply and must be abided by in the UK.

We will continue to publish updates about Brexit and campaign on issues arising the recruitment industry.

We are determined to support our members so you can plan and respond with more agility as these factors play out. Please utilise our resources and reports to help inform your future plans.